Underhanded × Japanese Artist

TM paint(アーティスト、イラストレーター、デザイナー)
国内外のアーティストの音源のカバーアート、ライブポスター、Tシャツなどを手がけ、ROCKフェス、アパレルブランドへのグラフィック提供、VANSへのアート提供などなど… たまにオリジナルアートも製作しつつ、絶賛活動中!

An illustrator, designer acts by oneself in Tokyo, Japan.
I drew tons of arts as an illustrator/designer on a zine Punk Rock Confidential Japan,Fat Mike(NoFX) had published in 2007-2009. I’d serialized a cartoons on it.Ever since, I has made a flyers for Punkafoolic! held by Punk Rock Confidential Japan.As the other acts, making and drawing T-shirts, flyers, artworks and so on for Japanese,American, Canadian and more punk rock bands.I love Punk Rock music and is very good at comic tone, pop and funny illustrations.