Underhanded × Japanese Artist

TM paint(アーティスト、イラストレーター、デザイナー)
国内外のアーティストの音源のカバーアート、ライブポスター、Tシャツなどを手がけ、ROCKフェス、アパレルブランドへのグラフィック提供、VANSへのアート提供などなど… たまにオリジナルアートも製作しつつ、絶賛活動中!

An illustrator, designer acts by oneself in Tokyo, Japan.
I drew tons of arts as an illustrator/designer on a zine Punk Rock Confidential Japan,Fat Mike(NoFX) had published in 2007-2009. I’d serialized a cartoons on it.Ever since, I has made a flyers for Punkafoolic! held by Punk Rock Confidential Japan.As the other acts, making and drawing T-shirts, flyers, artworks and so on for Japanese,American, Canadian and more punk rock bands.I love Punk Rock music and is very good at comic tone, pop and funny illustrations.


Underhanded is a glove company that’s doing things differently than the way it’s been done before. By combining our love for art and sport, we at last elevate the glove to the post it deserves: the place where cool design meets hard function and great fit, and individuality rests at your fingertips. Made with touchscreen-compatible materials and an array of bold patterns, the accessory becomes the necessity.

We’re a second generation of glove experts, cutting our teeth making sports gloves for the best brands and athletes in the world. Now we’re working for you. After building gloves for athletes like Calvin Johnson, Tiger Woods and Tom Brady, we pulled together our experience, access, and expertise to create a fresh but functional canvas for your hands.